Windows users can find many things to complain about, but in my opinion, the absolute worst “feature” of Windows is the Nagging Restart Dialog Box.

I’m sure you’ve had to deal with this. It pops up every ten minutes after a major system update. Fortunately, it can be turned off. I’m going to help you to create a shortcut that will turn this nag off when double-clicked.


Your first step is to open Notepad. ( Start –> Run –> “Notepad” –> OK)

In Notepad, just type the command “net stop wuauserv” (without quotes). Then close the window, and select “Yes” to save changes. Make sure that your “Save as type” is set to “All Files” so that you don’t accidently create a text file. Save your file with an extension of “.bat” for example “name.bat” as shown below.


What we did is created an executable batch file which will run a command when double-clicked, to stop the Windows Automatic Updates Service.

When Windows starts nagging you to restart, just double click this to run it and stop the service. You won’t be bothered again. The service will restart when you reboot, which is needed to install the updates in the first place.