What is The Hacker’s Underground Handbook ?

David : I wrote this book a couple months ago. When I first got into the hacking scene, I was just like any other newbie. I asked stupid questions and thought that there was some easy trick to hacking. Little did I know that 4 years later I would still be learning and loving every minute of it. Anyways, after searching for “how to hack” and not coming up with anything useful and understandable, I was told to go read some books.”

So what did you learn from those books ?

David : Well Frankly speaking, I didn’t understand what I was reading. Only after some independent research on many topics did I start to understand what hacking was and how broad of a topic it really was.

So what did you do after that ?

David : I decided to write up this E-Book for all the newbies out there that would love to get into the hacking scene but have absolutely no idea where to begin. This is where my E-Book, The Hacker’s Underground Handbook came from.

What can one get from this book ?

David : The book was created for absolute beginners. It will take you from absolute zero knowledge and leave you at a confident level making you aware of where to go next and how to continue to learn.

What all Topics does it cover ?

David : It covers the beginning of many topics like programming, Linux, password cracking, phishing, network hacking, wireless hacking, malware, and Windows hacking.

So Friends, I don’t think now there is anything left for me to answer your question. If you want to become a Hacker then this books is what you require. So grab your copy ofThe Hacker’s Underground Handbookas early as possible.

Download : The Hacker’s Underground Handbook