Bluetooth Remote Control can used to Control iTunes, PowerPoint, Mouse, WinAMP, Windows Media Player and much more. Following are some features:

  • See the actual desktop in your phone
  • No Bluetooth setup! Just connect from your phone
  • Create your own applications via Keymaps or VB and JScripts
  • Supports all PC Bluetooth solutions Toshiba, Windows, BlueSoleil and Widcomm/Brodacom

You can use Bluetooth Remote Control both for Buisness and Pleasure! Give PowerPoint presentation and see the Actual Slides in the phone. Change songs that are currently being played on iTunes or Media Player, browse for artists, albums, change volume and much more . .

Bluetooth Remote Control is a true universal remote control. It allows the user to modify the current behaviour as well as add support for new applications. You can add support by writing Java or VB scripts, defining key maps and file actions. With key maps the user can very easy and fast define application actions and link them to any buttons on the mobile phone.

Bluetooth Remote Control supports the following programs: Support for additional programs can easily be added with simple keymaps, VB or Java scripts (Script Guide).

Requirements : Windows XP/2000/98 with .NET 1.1 framework. The framework is included in the install file.

Note : If you have a previous version of Bluetooth Remote Control installed, please uninstall it before download and installing this software version.

Download : Bluetooth Remote PC Control