There are a lot ways to Crack the BIOS password. This is one of them but I would say that this one is more effective than the rest because the rest of the ways does not Guarantee you that it will Crack the BIOS password while in this case the Cracking is Guaranteed since in this we will remove the functionality of password protection of the BIOS.

Follow the steps below :

1) Boot up windows.

2) Go to command prompt directly from the windows start up menu.

3) Type the command at the prompt :


4) Type the following lines now exactly as given . . . .

o 70 10
o 71 20

4) Exit from the dos prompt and restart the machine.

Password Protection Gone ! ! !

PS: I tested this in Award Bios . . .

There seems to be some issue regarding display drivers on some machines if this is used. Just reinstall the drivers, Everything will be fine………..

I have not found any other trouble if the codes are used. o be on safe side, just back up your data. The use of this code is entirely at ur risk. It worked fine for me.