Google’s a great company. They make great products, and they use standards. Unfortunately, they don’t always make it easy for 3rd-party software. Google Talk is a great example. Connecting to it in Kopete isn’t intuitive, though it is doable.

Before Configuring Google Talk, If you are using Kopete on KDE – 3 then you may need the “libqca2-plugin-ossl”. To install this plugin use this command :

sudo apt-get install libqca2-plugin-ossl

First, open the accounts window by going to

Settings → Configure.

Under the Accounts section, click the New… button to add an account.

Select Jabber, and continue.

Your ID is your email address (e.g.

Go to the Connection tab, check Use protocol encryption (SSL), Allow plain-text password authentication, and Override default server information, enter as the server, and put 5223 as the server port.

Change any additional preferences you want. Then, hit Next. At the last screen, hit Finish.

All of your Google Talk contacts should show up.