About Me

Hi Folks, My name is Ashish Malik. Its been a great pleasure to introduce myself to you all, But just wish to let you know that I am new to the blogsphere. I am blogger since January 2010 started of with http://myninjaway.wordpress.com and now I own one more blog on Hacking and Stuff (https://hackrz.wordpress.com).

I was like always passionate about the hacking stuff. It took almost 3 years, when I actually hacked some thing & thereby my journey as a hacker started, so to speak. I blog about ethical hacking, network security & all subsequent topics like penetration tests, vulnerabilities, exploits & something that real hackers does. I don’t believe in ‘How To’ stuff, because you could never explorer your own potential to do things with such stuff.

I can assure that I will provide you all things including information about tools, techniques & information about ‘Black ‘ & ‘White hat hackers’.

I was always afraid that Before some years when I started learning ‘hacking things’ No clear guidelines were defined even on internet, all books I came across was outdated & all fake things & How to’ s were spread all over internet.

With this blog I would like to initiate some posts that can actually take you to level of being hacker.

Hacking is all about curiosity, It gives birth to creativity, everything that come across you – you look at it by your own way, wish to use it as you want it. All you want to do is have whatever you want it.

Its like leaving a dream when you can crack & hack things. But not simple as I am saying it. It takes years of practice with constant & never ending improvement.

You need to learn all the things – Networks, Open source, mobile phones, coding , web programming & what ever else that came across you. But you can become expert in one of it. Still you have to go through all. Trial & error method is adopted & it is only method you can try.

So folks, Get ready for some real hacking stuff. Hoping for positive response from all of you, ask questions, make criticism – That is all I wish to go thing like. So that Your & my knowledge could raise standards . . . .