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Here’s the resource you need if you want to apply today’s most powerful data mining techniques to meet real business challenges. Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques equips you with a sound understanding of data mining principles and teaches you proven methods for knowledge discovery in large corporate databases.
Written expressly for database practitioners and professionals, this book begins with a conceptual introduction designed to get you up to speed. This is followed by a comprehensive and state-of-the-art coverage of data mining concepts and techniques. Each chapter functions as a stand-alone guide to a critical topic, presenting proven algorithms and sound implementations ready to be used directly or with strategic modification against live data. Wherever possible, the authors raise and answer questions of utility, feasibility, optimization, and scalability, keeping your eye on the issues that will affect your project’s results and your overall success.

Java™ has revolutionized application and enterprise-systems development. Using examples and case studies totaling almost 40,000 lines of code, this exciting companion to “Advanced Java 2 – How to Program, 4/e” focuses on J2EE-based, enterprise-systems development, presents advanced J2SE concepts and introduces wireless/small-device programming with J2ME.

In “Advanced Java 2 Platform How to Program,” the Deitels and their colleague Sean E. Santry discuss the topics you need to build Java-based enterprise systems, including :

* J2EE™ /J2SE™ /J2ME™
* EJB™ /JDBC™ /JTS/JMS/JavaBeans™
* Jini™ /JavaSpaces™ /Jiro™ /JMX
* Servlets/JSP™ /WAP/WML

Secure Sockets/Digital Signatures/JCE/JAAS
Advanced Swing/Drag and Drop/MVC