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Synergy is a program that will let you use one keyboard and mouse on multiple computers across a network. The computers can be running Linux, Windows, or MacOS. The computer with the keyboard and mouse is the server or host, and the computers with the displays to be controlled remotely are the clients. In this tutorial I will let you know how to get Synergy setup and running on your Ubuntu system.

On the left-hand monitor I have a Windows XP system running. On the right-hand monitor I run Ubuntu. If I move my mouse off my Windows XP monitor to the right, it shows up on the Ubuntu monitor and vice-versa. Plus cut-and-paste works between the machines as well.

Here’s how to configure Synergy with two computers. Let’s assume that you have two home machines called “windowspc” and “ubuntu”. We’ll put the Windows machine on the left and the Ubuntu machine on the right. One of the two machines will run as the Synergy server and the other will run as a Synergy client. I picked the Ubuntu machine to be the server.



The china mobile codes are very difficult to get.

i Am posting the secret codes for china mobiles which work on all the chinese phones.

Here are the codes for china mobiles

Default user code : 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678

Engineer mode : *#110*01#

Factory mode : *#987#

Enable COM port :

*#110*01# –> Device –> Set UART –> PS Config –> UART1/115200